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" I am so glad you came to this site.


I Just want you to know that I Love you. I know how

hard it can be to heal from addictions, abuse, and trauma. I was an

unwanted child, rejected, molested, tossed away.

I have been raped, kidnapped, 

ended up on the streets, a slave to drugs 

and emotionally broken, but now I have been made whole...

Celebrating Life:)

and if you trust me I can help you get there too."


View Cheri's Story


Something is troubling little Sasha


Brian  craves to laugh again


Carol has the desire to help but doesn't know how

Can I really be normal?

Normal is really over rated :)

In these pages you will begin to create a life that you don't need to escape from... more than that you will be able to laugh out loud in your own skin and experience joy :)

We will stay with you as long as you need us---You will get through this.

Can you hold me and just tell me everything is going to be ok?

Always remember that God is crazy about too!

No body cares that I am breathing

I hate that feeling...on this site we are here for each other, and will be with you every step of the way.

No body Likes me I feel all alone.

I can't take this any more...I don't want to be here

You have done and experienced some ugly stuff, but I promise you- you can have a life worth celebrating.

The remedy that completely healed my heart is now yours to take.

Can you make the pain just go away?

Celebrating Life in Recovery

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